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Overdrive unit

Clean the geartrain and case components with solvent.

Dry all parts except the bearings with compressed air. Allow bearings to air dry.

Do not use shop towels for wiping parts dry unless the towels are made from a lint-free material. A sufficient quantity of lint (from shop towels, cloths, rags, etc.) could plug the transmission filter and fluid passages.

Discard the old case gasket and seals. Do not attempt to salvage these parts. They are not reusable.

Replace any of the overdrive unit snap rings if distorted or damaged.

Minor nicks or scratches on components can be smoothed with crocus cloth. However, do not attempt to reduce severe scoring on any components with abrasive materials. Replace severely scored components; do not try to salvage them.

Check condition of the park lock components and the overdrive case.

Replace the case if cracked, scored, or damaged.

Replace the park lock pawl, plug, or spring if worn or damaged. Be sure the bullet at the end of the park lock rod is in good condition. Replace the rod if the bullet is worn or the rod itself is bent or distorted.

Do not attempt to straighten the rod.

Check the bushings in the overdrive case. Replace the bushings if severely scored or worn. Also replace the case seal if loose, distorted, or damaged.

Examine the overdrive and direct clutch discs and plates. Replace the discs if the facing is worn, severely scored, or burned and flaking off. Replace the clutch plates if worn, heavily scored, or cracked.

Check the lugs on the clutch plates for wear. The plates should slide freely in the drum. Replace the plates or drum if binding occurs.

Check condition of the annulus gear, direct clutch hub, clutch drum and clutch spring. Replace the gear, hub and drum if worn or damaged. Replace the spring if collapsed, distorted, or cracked.

Be sure the splines and lugs on the gear, drum and hub are in good condition. The clutch plates and discs should slide freely in these components.

Inspect the thrust bearings and spring plate.

Replace the plate if worn or scored. Replace the bearings if rough, noisy, brinnelled, or worn.

Inspect the planetary gear assembly and the sun gear and bushings. If either the sun gear or the bushings are damaged, replace the gear and bushings as an assembly. The gear and bushings are not serviced separately.

The planetary carrier and pinions must be in good condition. Also be sure the pinion pins are secure and in good condition. Replace the carrier if worn or damaged.

Inspect the overrunning clutch and race. The race surface should be smooth and free of scores. Replace the overrunning clutch assembly or the race if either assembly is worn or damaged in any way.

Inspect the output shaft and governor components.

Replace the shaft pilot bushing and inner bushing if damaged. Replace either shaft bearing if rough or noisy. Replace the bearing snap rings if distorted or cracked.

Check the machined surfaces on the output shaft.

These surfaces should clean and smooth. Very minor nicks or scratches can be smoothed with crocus cloth.

Replace the shaft if worn, scored or damaged in any way.

Inspect the output shaft bushings. The small bushing is the intermediate shaft pilot bushing. The large bushing is the overrunning clutch hub bushing.

Replace either bushing if scored, pitted, cracked, or worn.

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