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Master cylinder


A two-piece master cylinder is used on all models.

The cylinder body containing the primary and secondary pistons is made of aluminum. The removable fluid reservoir is made of nylon reinforced with glass fiber. The reservoir stores reserve brake fluid for the hydraulic brake circuits. The reservoir is the only serviceable component.

The fluid compartments of the nylon reservoir are interconnected to permit fluid level equalization.

However, the equalization feature does not affect circuit separation in the event of a front or rear brake malfunction. The reservoir compartments will retain enough fluid to operate the functioning hydraulic circuit.

Care must be exercised when removing/installing the master cylinder connecting lines. The threads in the cylinder fluid ports can be damaged if care is not exercised. Start all brake line fittings by hand to avoid cross threading.

The cylinder reservoir can be replaced when necessary.

However, the aluminum body section of the master cylinder is not a repairable component.

NOTE: If diagnosis indicates that an internal malfunction has occurred, the aluminum body section must be replaced as an assembly.


The master cylinder bore contains a primary and secondary piston. The primary piston supplies hydraulic pressure to the front brakes. The secondary piston supplies hydraulic pressure to the rear brakes.

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