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Interior Lights

Courtesy and dome lights are turned on when the front doors are opened or when the dimmer control (rotating wheel on the right side of the headlight switch) is rotated to the its farthest upward position. If your vehicle is equipped with Remote Keyless Entry and the UNLOCK button is pushed on the key fob, the courtesy and dome lights will turn on. When a door is open and the interior lights are on, rotating the dimmer control all the way down, to the OFF detent, will cause all the interior lights to go out. This is also known as the "Party" mode because it allows the doors to stay open for extended periods of time without discharging the vehicle's battery.

The brightness of the instrument panel lighting can be regulated by rotating the dimmer control up (brighter) or down (dimmer). When the headlights are on you can supplement the brightness of the odometer, trip odometer, radio and overhead console by rotating the control to its farthest position up until you hear a click. This feature is termed the "Parade" mode and is useful when headlights are required during the day.

Dimmer Control Dimmer Control

Lights-On Reminder

If the headlights, parking lights, or cargo lights are left on after the ignition is turned OFF, a chime will sound when the driver's door is opened.

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