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Hydraulic lash adjuster noise diagnosis

A tappet-like noise may be produced from several items. Check the following items.

(1) Engine oil level too high or too low. This may cause aerated oil to enter the adjusters and cause them to be spongy.

(2) Insufficient running time after rebuilding cylinder head. Low speed running up to 1 hour may be required.

(3) Turn engine off and let set for a few minutes before restarting. Repeat this several times after engine has reached normal operating temperature.

(4) Low oil pressure.

(5) The oil restrictor in cylinder head gasket or the oil passage to the cylinder head is plugged with debris.

(6) Air ingested into oil due to broken or cracked oil pump pick up.

(7) Worn valve guides.

(8) Rocker arm ears contacting valve spring retainer.

(9) Rocker arm loose, adjuster stuck or at maximum extension and still leaves lash in the system.

(10) Faulty lash adjuster.

a. Check lash adjusters for sponginess while installed in cylinder head and cam on camshaft at base circle. Depress part of rocker arm over adjuster.

Normal adjusters should feel very firm. Spongy adjusters can be bottomed out easily.

b. Remove suspected lash adjusters, and replace.

c. Before installation, make sure adjusters are at least partially full of oil. This can be verified by little or no plunger travel when lash adjuster is depressed.

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