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The dual electromagnetic diaphragm-type horns are standard equipment on this model. Both horns are mounted on a single bracket that is secured to the front of the left vertical member of the radiator support, just behind the radiator grille and forward of the radiator. The high-note horn is connected in parallel with the low-note horn. The horns are connected to the vehicle electrical system through the headlamp and dash wire harness. Each horn is grounded through its wire harness connector and a ground circuit to an eyelet terminal secured by a ground screw located on the right front inner fender behind the right headlamp, and receives battery current through the closed contacts of the horn relay.

Both horns and the mounting bracket are serviced as a single unit. The horns cannot be repaired or adjusted and, if faulty or damaged, the entire horn and bracket unit must be replaced.


Within the two halves of the molded plastic horn housing are a flexible diaphragm, a plunger, an electromagnetic coil and a set of contact points. The diaphragm is secured in suspension around its perimeter by the mating surfaces of the horn housing.

The plunger is secured to the center of the diaphragm and extends into the center of the electromagnetic coil. The contact points control the current flow through the electromagnet.

When the horn is energized, electrical current flows through the closed contact points to the electromagnet.

The resulting electromagnetic field draws the plunger and diaphragm toward it until that movement mechanically opens the contact points.

When the contact points open, the electromagnetic field collapses allowing the plunger and diaphragm to return to their relaxed positions and closing the contact points again. This cycle continues repeating at a very rapid rate producing the vibration and movement of air that creates the sound that is directed through the horn outlet.

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