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Hood release cable


(1) Release primary hood latch.

(2) Release hood safety catch and open hood.

(3) Remove hood latch.

(4) Disconnect release cable from hood latch (Fig.


(5) Detach the release cable and the retainer clips in the engine compartment.

(6) Separate the release cable grommet from the dash panel hole.

(7) From the inside of the vehicle, remove the screws attaching the hood release handle to the bottom of the instrument panel (Fig. 8).

(8) Pull/route the hood release cable through the dash panel hole and remove it via the inside of the vehicle.


NOTE: If replacement hood latch is also being installed, ensure that it is thoroughly lubricated.

(1) From inside the vehicle, pull/route the hood release cable through the dash panel hole and into the engine compartment.

Fig. 8 Hood Release Cable Fig. 8 Hood Release Cable





(2) Install the hood release handle.

(3) Install the cable grommet in the dash panel hole.

(4) Attach the retainer clips to the release cable and install them into the holes in the engine compartment.

(5) Attach release cable to hood latch.

(6) Install hood latch.

(7) Test the hood latch release cable for proper operation.

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