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Hill Climbing

NOTE: Before attempting to climb a hill, determine the conditions at the crest and/or on the other side.

Before climbing a steep hill, shift the transmission to a lower gear and shift the transfer case to LOW. Use first gear and LOW for very steep hills.

If you stall or begin to lose forward motion while climbing a steep hill, allow your vehicle to come to a stop and immediately apply the brakes. Restart the engine, and shift into REVERSE. Back slowly down the hill, allowing the compression braking of the engine to help regulate your speed. If the brakes are required to control vehicle speed, apply them lightly and avoid locking or skidding the tires.

WARNING! If the engine stalls, you lose forward motion, or cannot make it to the top of a steep hill or grade, never attempt to turn around. To do so may result in tipping and rolling the vehicle. Always back carefully straight down a hill in REVERSE gear. Never back down a hill in NEUTRAL using only the brake.

Remember, never drive diagonally across a hill always drive straight up or down.

If the wheels start to slip as you approach the crest of a hill, ease off the accelerator and maintain forward motion by turning the front wheels slowly. This may provide a fresh "bite" into the surface and will usually provide traction to complete the climb.

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