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Front wheel speed sensor - 4x4

CAUTION: Special bolts are used to attach the front sensor. The bolts have a special shoulder, thread length and surface treatment. If the original bolts must be replaced, use only factory replacement bolts. Do not use substitute bolt under any circumstances.


(1) Raise and support vehicle.

(2) Remove wheel and tire assembly.

(3) Remove brake caliper and rotor.

(4) Remove bolts attaching sensor to hub/bearing (Fig. 11).

(5) Remove clamps securing sensor wire to control arm and inner fender panel.

(6) In engine compartment, disconnect sensor wire and remove sensor.


(1) Guide sensor wire around upper control arm.

(2) Position sensor on hub/bearing and install attaching bolts. Tighten bolt to 18-25 N*m (160-220 in. lbs.).

Fig. 11 Front Wheel Speed Sensor - 4x4 Fig. 11 Front Wheel Speed Sensor - 4x4




(3) Secure sensor wire retaining clamps to control arm and fender panel with original hardware.

(4) In engine compartment, connect sensor wire to harness connector. Insure wire is routed away from hot or rotating underhood components.

(5) Install brake rotor and caliper.

(6) Install wheel and tire assembly.

(7) Turn steering wheel back and forth to verify that wire is clear of steering and suspension components.

(8) Remove supports and lower vehicle.


The tone wheel for the front speed sensor is located on the hub/bearing on 2-wheel drive models (Fig. 12).

On 4-wheel drive models, the tone wheel is located in the hub/bearing housing.

The tone wheel is not a serviceable component. To replace the tone wheel the hub/bearing must be replaced. Refer to Group 2 Suspension for the service procedure.

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