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Frame repairs


Do not drill holes in frame side rail top and bottom flanges, metal fatigue can result causing frame failure.

Holes drilled in the side of the frame rail must be at least 38 mm (1.5 in.) from the top and bottom flanges.

Additional drill holes should be located away from existing holes.


Use MIG, TIG or arc welding equipment to repair welded frame components.

Frame components that have been damaged should be inspected for cracks before returning the vehicle to use. If cracks are found in accessible frame components perform the following procedures.

(1) Drill a hole at each end of the crack with a 3 mm (O.125 in.) diameter drill bit.

(2) Using a suitable die grinder with 3 inch cut off wheel, V-groove the crack to allow 100% weld penetration.

(3) Weld the crack.

(4) If necessary when a side rail is repaired, grind the weld smooth and install a reinforcement channel (Fig. 1) over the repaired area.

NOTE: If a reinforcement channel is required, the top and bottom flanges should be 0.250 inches narrower than the side rail flanges. Weld only in the areas indicated (Fig. 1).

Frame fasteners

Bolts, nuts and rivets can be used to repair frames or to install a reinforcement section on the frame.

Conical-type washers are preferred over the splitring type lock washers. Normally, grade-5 bolts are adequate for frame repair. Grade-3 bolts or softer should not be used. Tightening bolts/nuts with the correct torque, refer to the Introduction Group at the front of this manual for tightening information.

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