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Cylinder compression pressure test

The results of a cylinder compression pressure test can be utilized to diagnose several engine malfunctions.

Ensure the battery is completely charged and the engine starter motor is in good operating condition.

Otherwise the indicated compression pressures may not be valid for diagnosis purposes.

(1) Clean the spark plug recesses with compressed air.

(2) Remove the spark plugs.

(3) Secure the throttle in the wide-open position.

(4) Disable the fuel system. (Refer to Group 14, Fuel System for the correct procedure) (5) Disconnect the ignition coil.

(6) Insert a compression pressure gauge and rotate the engine with the engine starter motor for three revolutions.

(7) Record the compression pressure on the 3rd revolution. Continue the test for the remaining cylinders.

Refer to Engine Specifications for the correct engine compression pressures.

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