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The air conditioning system uses a Sanden SD7H15 seven cylinder, reciprocating wobble platetype compressor on all models. This compressor has a fixed displacement of 150 cubic centimeters (9.375 cubic inches), and has both the suction and discharge ports located on the cylinder head. A label identifying the use of R-134a refrigerant is located on the compressor.


The compressor is driven by the engine through an electric clutch, drive pulley and belt arrangement.

The compressor is lubricated by refrigerant oil that is circulated throughout the refrigerant system with the refrigerant.

The compressor draws in low-pressure refrigerant vapor from the evaporator through its suction port. It then compresses the refrigerant into a high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant vapor, which is then pumped to the condenser through the compressor discharge port.

The compressor cannot be repaired. If faulty or damaged, the entire compressor assembly must be replaced. The compressor clutch, pulley and clutch coil are available for service.

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