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Compass calibration

CAUTION: Do not place any external magnets, such as magnetic roof mount antennas, in the vicinity of the compass. Do not use magnetic tools when servicing the overhead console.

Fig. 2 Variance Settings Fig. 2 Variance Settings

The electronic compass unit features a self-calibrating design, which simplifies the calibration procedure.

This feature automatically updates the compass calibration while the vehicle is being driven.

This allows the compass unit to compensate for small changes in the residual magnetism that the vehicle may acquire during normal use. If the compass readings appear to be erratic or out of calibration, perform the following calibration procedure. Also, new service replacement compass mini-trip computer modules must have their compass calibrated using this procedure. Do not attempt to calibrate the compass near large metal objects such as other vehicles, large buildings, or bridges; or, near overhead or underground power lines.

NOTE: Whenever the compass is calibrated manually, the variation number must also be reset. See Compass Variation Adjustment in the Service Procedures section of this group.

Calibrate the compass manually as follows: (1) Turn the ignition switch to the On position. If the compass/temperature data is not currently being displayed, momentarily depress and release the Step push button to step through the display options until you have reached the compass/temperature display.

(2) Depress both the U.S./Metric and the Step push buttons. Hold the push buttons down until "CAL" appears in the display. This takes about ten seconds, and appears about five seconds after "VAR" is displayed.

(3) Release both of the push buttons.

(4) Drive the vehicle on a level surface, away from large metal objects and power lines, through three or more complete circles in not less than 48 seconds.

The "CAL" message will disappear from the display to indicate that the compass is now calibrated.

NOTE: If the "CAL" message remains in the display, either there is excessive magnetism near the compass, or the unit is faulty. Repeat the calibration procedure at least one more time.

NOTE: If the wrong direction is still indicated in the compass display, the area selected for calibration may be too close to a strong magnetic field. Repeat the calibration procedure in another location.

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