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The clockspring assembly is secured with two integral plastic latches onto the steering column lock housing near the top of the steering column behind the steering wheel. The clockspring is used to maintain a continuous electrical circuit between the fixed clockspring wire harness on the steering column and several electrical components that rotate with the steering wheel. The rotating components include the driver side airbag module, the horn switch and, if the vehicle is so equipped, the vehicle speed control switches and/or the remote radio switches.

The clockspring cannot be repaired. If the clockspring is faulty, damaged, or if the driver side airbag has been deployed, the clockspring must be replaced.


The clockspring assembly consists of a plastic case which contains a flat, ribbon-like, electrically conductive tape that winds and unwinds like a clockspring with the steering wheel rotation. The electrically conductive tape consists of several fine gauge copper wire leads sandwiched between two narrow strips of plastic film.

Like the clockspring in a timepiece, the clockspring tape has travel limits and can be damaged by being wound too tightly. To prevent this from occurring, the clockspring is centered when it is installed on the steering column. Centering the clockspring indexes the clockspring tape to other steering components so that it can operate within its designed travel limits.

However, if the clockspring is removed for service or if the steering column is disconnected from the steering gear allowing the clockspring tape to change position relative to the other steering components, it must be re-centered following completion of the service or it may be damaged. Refer to Clockspring Centering in the Adjustments section of this group for the proper centering procedures.

Service replacement clocksprings are shipped precentered and with a piece of tape covering the depressed clockspring auto-locking tabs. This tape should not be removed until the clockspring has been installed on the steering column. If the tape is removed before the clockspring is installed on a steering column, the clockspring centering procedure must be performed.

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