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C205f axle


The C205F ( C orporate 205 mm ring gear F ront) axle consists of an alumunum center section with an axle tube extending from one side. The tube is pressed into the differential housing.

The integral type housing, hypoid gear design has the centerline of the pinion set below the centerline of the ring gear.

The axle has a fitting for a vent hose used to relieve internal pressure caused by vaporization and internal expansion.

The power is transferred from the axle through two constant velocity (C/V) drive shafts to the wheel hubs. The drive shafts are identical and interchangeable.

The cover provides a means for inspection and service without removing the axle from the vehicle.

The C205F axle has the assembly date and gear ratio listed on a tag. The tag is attached to the housing cover by a cover bolt.

The differential case is a one-piece design. The differential pinion mate shaft is retained with a rollpin.

Differential bearing preload and ring gear backlash is adjusted by the use of shims (select thickness).

The shims are located between the differential bearing cups and the axle housing. Pinion bearing preload is set and maintained by the use of a collapsible spacer.


The axle receives power from the transfer case through the front propeller shaft. The front propeller shaft is connected to the pinion gear which rotates the differential through the gear mesh with the ring gear bolted to the differential case. The engine power is transmitted to the axle shafts through the pinion mate and side gears. The side gears are splined to the axle shafts.

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