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Passive arming of the Vehicle Theft Security System (VTSS) occurs when the vehicle is exited with the key removed from the ignition switch, the headlamps are turned off, and the doors and liftgate are locked while they are open using the power lock switch or locked after they are closed by turning either front door lock cylinder or the liftgate lock cylinder to the lock position using the key. Passive arming will not begin until all the doors and the liftgate are closed. The power lock switch will not function if the key is in the ignition switch or the headlamps are turned on with the driver side front door open.

The VTSS will not arm if the doors are locked using the key in the lock cylinder or using the mechanical lock button.

Active arming of the VTSS occurs when the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter is used to lock the vehicle. For active arming to occur, the doors and liftgate must be closed and the ignition switch must be in the Off position when the RKE transmitter Lock button is depressed. However, once the VTSS arming process has been completed, the ignition switch can be turned to the Accessory position without triggering the alarm.

Once the VTSS begins passive or active arming, the security lamp in the instrument cluster will flash rapidly for about fifteen seconds. This indicates that the VTSS arming is in progress. Turning a key in the ignition switch, opening a door or the liftgate, or unlocking a door or the liftgate by any means during the fifteen second arming process will cause the security lamp to stop flashing and the arming process to abort. Once the fifteen second arming function is successfully completed, the security lamp will flash at a slower rate to indicate that the VTSS is armed.

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